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Published on October 21st, 2013 | by Claire Collins


Glazed Conference Top Wearables: Basis, Deka, Omate, Optinvent

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Last month, the BayLive team spent a day at the Glazed Conference in San Francisco, the first ever event focused entirely on wearable technologies.

Needless to say that there was more than enough Google Glasses on heads. Probably the most at any other event. But we were pleased however with quite a few other wearable tech companies, attending to promote their products. Here’s our roundup of our top favorite wearables of the event.


    1. Basis
      P1100470 (1)The Basis Band is a smart watch that aims to make its users healthier with four different sensors which monitor everything from heart rate, sleep, movement, perspiration, and skin temperature. The company claims that its sensors are the most accurate on the market, capturing biometric data for up to four days at a time without needing to recharge. While the display allows you to monitor progress directly on your wrist, more in-depth analysis is available on your mobile (Android/iOS) app or web-based dashboard. Basis provides an interactive and customized experience for its users, giving credit when goals are reached and modifying weekly recommendations based on progress. The Basis retails at $199 for the band and free web service, with no subscription fees required.
    2. Deka
      P1100462 (1)Deka’s interchangeable Bluetooth headsets use 3D prints that slide on and off the Bluetooth earpiece, so you can customize your headset as often as you like. The company touts its product as the world’s first interchangeable headset, with the possibility of choosing one of their pre-printed faceplates or creating your own. You simply take a picture, send it to Deka, and they will print the faceplate for you.
    3. Omate
      Omate’s TrueSmart watch is more than just a smartwatch—it can make standalone calls all on it’s own. In conjunction with P1100501the Omate headset, the TrueSmart is the world’s smallest wearable smartphone with a 3G radio and a dual core processor. One of the bonuses of the TrueSmart is that it uses the Fleksy keyboard technology, so that you can type accurately and quickly even on a 1.54-inch screen. The watch also features a 5-megapixel camera, LBS tracker, microphone, audio speaker and more. The TrueSmart retails for $249 for 512 MB of memory and 4GB of storage, or $299 for 1 GB memory and 8GB of storage.
    4. Optinvent
      P1100457 (1)Optinvent’s ORA Glasses boast a ClearVu display with both a larger display size and resolution than Google Glass. CEO Kayvan Mirza considers the ORA a “true AR” experience, meaning that the display is directly in front of your eyes. Google Glass is more of a “companion device” in that it requires the user to look up in order to make use of its display features. The ORA’s FlipVu technology allows the user to shift the display down when not using it or when interacting with other people. One of the ORA’s major selling points is its price—while Google Glass originally sold for $1500, the ORA glasses retail at $950.

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