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Published on June 27th, 2014 | by Eddie Leblanc


How Planisware Helps Companies Innovate Faster, Cheaper

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42% of the world's top R&D spenders use Planisware to manage their Innovation process

42% of the world’s top R&D spenders use Planisware to manage their Innovation process

Continuous innovation is the key to success and to a bright future. But the lack thereof usually marks the beginning of a death spiral, which in these days can take down huge companies – and startups – in just a few quarters, as we’ve seen with Nokia, Blackberry or Motorola.

This means that in order to innovate effectively, you not only have to generate great ideas, but you have to select the ones that you want to invest in, then execute them, figure out how to keep people inside the organisation committed as you go through the process, then get the new ideas to spread out in the world. But if one part of that process goes wrong, then your innovation efforts will likely fail.

Earlier this year, we’ve asked to innovation management leader Pierre Demonsant, the CEO and founder of Planisware – a software used by large organizations such as Dupont, Ford and Pfizer to manage their R&D projects – to share his views on the latest trends in innovation.

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